Novum Capital Partner Beatrice Dreyfus on a unique deal with a happy outcome

11 July 2022

Most stories of corporate takeovers read roughly the same: The larger company swallows the smaller one. It is much rarer for the opposite to happen. But this, too, can lead to a successful outcome, as proven by one of the cases from Novum’s portfolio. Novum Capital Partner Beatrice Dreyfus has written about this case in a timelessly relevant article for German business platform “Die Unternehmervertrauten”.

In her article, she recounts the acquisition of Cologne-based MMC Film- und Fernsehstudios, Germany’s leading TV studio provider, by Crosscast. Crosscast specialised in outside broadcasting and e-sports – and was significantly smaller than its takeover target. However, what the two CEOs of Crosscast lacked in company size, they more than made up for in ambition, deep industry knowledge, and a far-reaching vision. Read the full article linked below to find out why Frankfurt-based private equity boutique Novum Capital decided to get involved in this deal. Spoiler alert: This story has a happy outcome – or else it wouldn’t be a Novum story!

Visit Die Unternehmervertrauten to read the article in full (available in German only).

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