Are you working with medium-sized companies? Novum Capital will invest with you. In courage, expertise and passion.

Our promises

To entrepreneurs
Are you looking for a buyer who will develop your company in a responsible manner? Our goal is conscientious development.

Are you searching for a way in which your company can continue independently? Our fund structures allow companies to remain independent of corporate control.

Do you wish to preserve your entrepreneurial achievements as the foundation of your company's development? We can promise you that, too.

Are you hoping to resolve shareholder disputes in the best interest of the company? We are experienced in these matters.
To managers
Are you concerned with the fast implementation of entrepreneurial, value-enhancing initiatives? The resources available at Novum Capital will help you reach your goals faster.

Are you in need of equity or debt capital and expertise for a management buy-out or buy-in? Novum Capital can offer you both.

Are you preparing to negotiate with the owner of your company, with banks, and other stakeholders on becoming a shareholder? We will support you during the process.

Are you also in need of support regarding the legal and tax implementation of your buy-out or buy-in? We will be at your side every step of the way, right up to an eventual further sale.
To consultants
Are you looking for a competent buyer for a company? We will supply fast and well-founded replies to your investment offers.

Do you expect a high level of reliability during the transaction process? We stand by our timelines – and by the purchase price offered.

Do you place value on having quick access to our decision makers at all times? All of our Novum Capital partners are based in Frankfurt and can be easily reached.

Are you looking for flexibility in financing matters? We have constant access to our own funds as well as to institutional co-investors and to banks that will finance transactions.
To pension funds, private pension schemes, endowments
Do you wish to continue to provide financial support for your beneficiaries or to be able to pursue the purpose of your organisation to the fullest extent possible? Novum Capital will support you in this.

Do you expect a significant increase in the value of your investments over the 10-year duration of our funds? Novum Capital will give everything to achieve this.

Are you looking for a partner who is at home in the German economy and very well connected? Welcome to Novum Capital.

Do you expect transparency regarding our activities and important decisions at Novum Capital's portfolio companies? For us, this is a matter of course.

Shared success thanks to a clear focus and a wealth of experience.

Money isn't everything. But it's a good start. The most important figures at a glance.

Smart money with plenty of drive
Assets under management
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Fund II (2021)
Media Fund (2022)
Key criteria for investments
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Minimum EBITDA
Maximum transaction volume per investment

Responsibility & sustainability

Our guiding principle is to bring together promising companies with first-class managers and to develop the companies we invest in as active, value-adding shareholders. Promoting their growth, reducing waste of resources, and supporting future-proof structures and strategies – this is our ultimate goal.

To achieve this, environmental and social aspects as well as those of good corporate governance (ESG) are relevant to us because they are important prerequisites for sustainably increasing a company’s value.

We are convinced that companies create sustainable value through their inventiveness and tireless efforts to

  • increase customer satisfaction through longer-lasting and more useful products and services,
  • make the best use of raw materials, and
  • provide a challenging but humane work environment.


“We promote decisions that contribute to the sustainable success of our companies – unbureaucratically with a strong hands-on mentality.”

As private equity shareholders, we take a strictly rational and comprehensible approach instead of being guided by different, possibly conflicting personal interests. We see ourselves as having a responsibility towards our investors, our portfolio companies and their employees, and the society in which we live.

In the interests of these groups, we want to positively influence the ecosystems in which we are involved. The goal of this guiding principle is to sustainably increase the value and thus the attractiveness of our portfolio companies – at all relevant levels.