Novum Capital Partner Gerd Bassewitz on courage, expertise, and corporate values

26 October 2022

Increasing the value of a company in a sustainable manner – that is the goal at the heart of all of Novum Capital’s investments. German magazine “Unternehmeredition”, which is published by the renowned platform of the same name for SMEs, wanted to know about the importance of courage, expertise, and sustainability for Novum Capital projects.

In the interview, Novum Capital Partner Gerd Bassewitz cities the acquisition of MMC Filmstudios in Cologne within a period of just six weeks as an example of courage. “When we believe in a company, we enter into the investment with courage,” he says, adding that the company’s collaboration with around 40 operating partners – all of whom are active CEOs of companies from different sectors – is further evidence of its expertise. And one of the ways for companies to create sustainable values, says Gerd Bassewitz, is to satisfy their customers’ needs with long-lasting and meaningful products.

To read the interview in full, visit the Unternehmeredition website.

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