Novum Capital Partner Felix Hölzer on complex company successions

17 March 2023

As a rule, company successions tend to be rather complex: because banks have a firm hold on a company, because tax and legal structures are opaque, or because shareholder relationships – including on an interpersonal level – are complicated. All this makes succession planning challenging – but also highly interesting.

In an article for German magazine “Unternehmeredition”, which is published by the renowned platform of the same name for SMEs, Novum Capital Partner Felix Hölzer explains how to bring about a successful outcome that benefits all parties in a complex succession situation. Felix Hölzer describes different cases from Novum practice and derives three general lessons from them.

In every case, it is important to develop a deep understanding of the respective target company – from a business standpoint, a people standpoint and an organisational-structural standpoint. This is what is needed to get to the “heart” of a company – and to breathe (new) life into it as an “interim entrepreneur”.

To read the article in full, visit the Unternehmeredition website.

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