Novum Capital partner Felix Homann on three cases from his succession practice

10 March 2022

Three very different initial situations, three successful company successions: In the magazine "Unternehmeredition", published by the renowned platform of the same name for SMEs, Felix Homann, Partner at Novum Capital, explains how private equity can help to master the highly individual challenges of company successions.

In his article, Felix Homann describes some of the most important challenges using three practical examples. First, there was the owner of a long-established company who had no children and therefore wanted to sell his company. The central question was: How can a new management team be found that knows the industry, has the right ideas for further development, and is a good cultural fit for the company?

The second case describes a family of owners who had been at odds about the strategic direction of the company for many years. The challenge: how can this "Gordian knot" be untangled – and what role can private equity firm Novum Capital play in the process?

In a third case, Novum Capital encountered overly complex corporate structures that needed to be simplified. The biggest growth opportunities were only visible at second glance – and, as so often, were to be found in the core business. With targeted investments in the millions, Novum Capital finally brought the company back from the brink and set the course for growth.

Read the whole article on the pages of Unternehmeredition.

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