Novum Capital transfers investment to strong successor

28 February 2020

Novum Capital is selling its stake in roof and urban greening company, VulkaTec Riebensahm, to family-owned roofing expert, Bauder. Novum Capital had been an investor in VulkaTec Riebensahm since mid-2015.

Based in Kretz/Andernach, VulkaTec Riebensahm is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of roof and tree substrates for roof and urban greening projects. The company's product portfolio includes planting and vegetation substrates, aggregates, building materials, and filter materials. The buyer, Bauder from Stuttgart, is Germany’s leading manufacturer of flat-roof systems, generating sales of 675 million euros with its 1 066 employees in 2019. With the acquisition of VulkaTec, Bauder has secured exclusive access to one of Europe’s market leaders for green roof substrates and can now offer a complete value chain: from roof design and construction to roofing materials and green roofs.

50 percent growth are a testament to VulkaTec’s development

Since being acquired by Novum Capital in 2015, VulkaTec has experienced strong and profitable growth: sales in 2019 were around 50 percent higher than in 2015, and the number of employees, too, has increased by this percentage. Novum Capital Partner, Felix Homann, explains: “Bauder will continue to write this success story. The combination of VulkaTec's loyal and growing customer base, especially in the gardening and landscaping sector, and Bauder's green roof systems and accelerated access to the building materials trade will make VulkaTec and Bauder even stronger.”

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