Udo von Klot-Heydenfeldt and Felix Hölzer on the opportunities currently offered by the automotive industry

04 October 2021

In the past few years, the automotive industry has been undergoing a profound transformation – just think of the shift from combustion engines to electric vehicle batteries, and the changing mobility behaviour of large parts of society. The valuations of automotive companies have sunk to a historical low – thus offering opportunities for private equity companies such as Novum Capital.

In an interview with German business platform “Die Unternehmervertrauten”, Udo von Klot-Heydenfeldt and Felix Hölzer outline the current significance of the industry for financial investors, name the greatest risks for automotive companies, give their view on the current, very low valuations of many corporations and suppliers – and reveal what a future-proof strategy for companies might look like.

Visit Die Unternehmervertrauten to read the interview in full (available in German only).

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