Novum Capital Fund II closes at hard cap as planned

19 March 2020

Three months after the first closing, Novum Capital has closed its second institutional investment fund on 19 March 2020, at the hard cap of 150 million euros. All existing investors in the first fund, which closed in February 2017, had already increased their investment in the subsequent fund at its first closing on 9 December 2019 – subscribing 112 million euros in total. The new investors who committed to the fund in its final closing are US family offices and endowments as well as one of the wealthiest entrepreneurial families in Europe. Felix Homann, one of the partners at Novum Capital, says: “We are very pleased to have renowned investors helping us to realise the new Novum Capital fund. Their confidence in us encourages us to continue our successful portfolio strategy.”

Company successions, carve-outs, and more

Novum Capital will have immediate access to the new funds, which total 150 million euros. As with the first fund, the focus of new investments will be on corporate succession planning, carve-outs, and majority and minority shareholdings. The most important business objectives will be to create sustainable growth and to make the portfolio companies as crisis resilient as possible. Novum Capital favours profitable companies that operate in stable markets and hold promising market positions.

Even in difficult economic phases and crises such as we are currently experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic, Novum Capital is able to devote capital and expertise to new investment opportunities. Its investment team is experienced in dealing with economic downturns and crises. Novum Capital will always evaluate and support its target companies individually and with a long-term perspective.

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