Boris Hahn on the current deal market and the advantages of Novum’s strategy

15 June 2023

Novum Capital does not specialize in industries, but in opportunities, says Senior Investment Manager Boris Hahn in an interview with German magazine Unternehmeredition. “For every industry, we cooperate with operating partners, i.e. external industry specialists who also complement our knowledge vertically. This concept has proven to be very advantageous and has led to real successes,” the private equity expert adds.

In the interview, he describes the advantages of Novum Capital’s broad-based strategy, explaining that one of the key strengths of this private equity boutique in Frankfurt is its ability to identify and quickly rectify any strategic and operational weaknesses companies may have.

Regarding the current transaction market, Boris Hahn explains that noticeably fewer companies were available in the fourth quarter of 2022. In his observation, many companies were hesitant due to the rather poor market sentiment. “But now, in spring 2023, things have taken a turn for the better. Our deal pipeline has filled up very nicely again.”

To read the interview in full, visit the Unternehmeredition website (available in German only).

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