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And... Action! Novum Capital Intensifies Internationalization of Media Fund

02 August 2023

Novum Capital, a Frankfurt-based private equity company, is intensifying the expansion and internationalization strategy of its Media Fund. This fund is the parent company of Medien Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH which, in turn, is the owner of MMC Studios Köln GmbH. MMC is one of Europe's largest TV and film studio operators; moreover, the company is also involved in cinematographic productions. Its headquarters "Coloneum" in the German city of Cologne is well-known to the general public.

Focus on international Buy & Build

Jens Wolf, previous Managing Director of MMC Studios Köln GmbH, will focus on the management of Medien Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH from 1 August 2023 to intensify the Buy & Build strategy of the Media Fund and Medien Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH. Hacik Kölcü, his previous Co-Managing Director at MMC Studios Köln GmbH, will also resign from this position and act as a consultant henceforth. Beatrice Dreyfus, partner of Novum Capital, says: "We would like to thank Hacik Kölcü most warmly for his successful years at MMC and are pleased that he will remain with us." Hacik Kölcü and Jens Wolf will remain co-shareholders of MMC Group.

Nico Roden to assume management of MMC

Nico Roden will take over as the new Managing Director of MMC Studios Köln GmbH with effect from 1 August 2023. Felix Hölzer, partner of Novum Capital, says: "Nico has been contributing to the success of MMC Studios for more than 20 years in various management positions. He is highly familiar with the company as well as the entertainment market. He will also be an excellent Managing Director for MMC." Nico Roden will also assume the management of Magic Eye GmbH. This subsidiary of MMC is a full-service provider for image and advertising films, also offering post-production services for fictional productions and TV shows.

Nico Roden started his career at MMC in the technical department, then worked in project management and later in purchasing. Since 2015, he has been heading the production and sales departments. Under his leadership, MMC has developed numerous long-term partnerships, among other things.

"I am highly motivated to lead MMC into a successful future and very excited about this task," he says.


"In doing so, my aspiration will remain the same: To meet customer needs in a budget-oriented, efficient, and top quality way – and in the future also at international level."

Cover all stages of the value chain

The expansion or internationalization is part of the growth strategy of MMC Group, or rather of Medien Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH and the Media Fund. MMC and future portfolio companies shall play an active role in consolidating the film and television market and build an international production platform. At large, the portfolio companies are to cover all stages of the value chain of international film productions. The focus of M&A is therefore on technology-driven services for film production, financing, and distribution in Germany, Europe, and the U.S.

About Novum Capital

Novum Capital invests in medium-sized companies with annual revenues of up to 200 million euros on behalf of German and international pension funds, private pension schemes, and endowments. Novum Capital thus contributes to the investors' ability to continue to provide financial support to their beneficiaries and/or to pursue the purpose of their organization to the fullest extent possible. Novum Capital helps its portfolio companies to improve their market position, increase their profitability, enhance the benefits of their business models for society – and increase the value of their company. Novum Capital approaches these tasks with all its business expertise – and passion.

About MMC

MMC has been providing its customers with excellent production conditions and all other services for film and television productions since 1991 – from a single source. With its 22 film and TV studios, the MMC's "Coloneum" in the German city of Cologne is one of the largest and most modern studio locations in Europe. Thanks to its excellent studio infrastructure, state-of-the-art production technology, and efficient post-production workflows, MMC is the leading full-service provider for entertainment shows, TV series, and streaming content in Germany. The company supports its customers throughout the entire production process – from pre-production to production to post-production and live broadcasts. Moreover, customers benefit from the MMC Group's outdoor production expertise.

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