TV channel DMAX accompanies VulkaTec on delivery run to Paris

10 October 2019

VulkaTec Riebensahm, a portfolio company of Novum Capital based in Kretz/Andernach, is one of Europe's market leaders in roof and urban greening. The company generates around 25 percent of its annual sales in European countries outside Germany. And one of these countries – France, to be precise – was recently the destination of a VulkaTec truck loaded with 18 tonnes of planting substrate intended for the roof terrace of a high-rise in Paris.

Available to watch on YouTube

For its cult TV programme, “Asphalt Cowboys”, TV channel DMAX accompanied VulkaTec driver Sven Pittke on his tour. The programme aired on 10 October 2019. The video is also available to watch on YouTube here.

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