Leap in efficiency at C.C. Umwelt following multimillion-euro investment

03 February 2020

C.C. Umwelt, one of Germany’s leading disposal and recycling specialists for incineration waste, is taking metal extraction to the next level at its site in Schwandorf near Regensburg. The company has invested around 1.3 million euros in state-of-the-art screening and separation technology that will allow it to achieve a significantly higher metal yield at the site in Bavaria.

C.C. Umwelt’s Managing Director, Dieter Kersting, explains: “We are very happy to have reached this milestone in Schwandorf. This investment has allowed us to once again strengthen our competitive position to a significant degree”. In future, the additional valuable metals that are extracted from the waste incineration slag in Schwandorf will be processed and finished at C.C. Umwelt's headquarters at the Rhine harbour in Krefeld. This site houses the group’s state-of-the-art metal finishing machinery, “Stratego”, which has been used since 2019 to process metals extracted at the company’s Krefeld, Würzburg, and Hagen sites. C.C. Umwelt installed high-tech machinery for processing slag at these three locations in 2017.

Another step toward a better climate balance

“This leap in efficiency at our Schwandorf site also improves the overall climate balance of our work,” Dieter Kersting explains. “Since Novum Capital invested in our company – and especially since the investment in our metal finishing machinery, ‘Stratego’, which was put into operation in 2019 – the modernised metal extraction and processing facilities at all four of our C.C. sites have enabled us to reduce our emissions of CO2 equivalents by around half a million tonnes per year.” Among other things, the company also processes the mineral components of waste incineration slag, which are then used in resource-saving substitutes for primary building materials. “This, too, is a valuable contribution to climate protection, as less greenhouse gases are produced,” Dieter Kersting concludes.

Steady growth

The most recent modernisation measures for the metal processing facilities at the Schwandorf site are yet another step in C.C. Umwelt’s ongoing investment strategy. The group’s owners – which include members of senior management and Frankfurt-based majority shareholder, Novum Capital – are thus promoting further growth in the core business of C.C. Umwelt.

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