Kartesia and Deutsche Bank to finance C.C. Umwelt

31 May 2019

Novum Capital has successfully recapitalised its portfolio company, C.C. Umwelt, as of 31 May 2019. The disposal and recycling specialist for incineration waste was able to win senior lending fund, Kartesia Senior Opportunities I (London/Brussels), and Deutsche Bank (Frankfurt am Main) as its new financing partners. The financing package, which is worth 51 million euros, comprises long-term loans and a capex facility, as well as working capital- and guaranteed credit lines. The latter are being provided by Deutsche Bank.

Long-term financing package to support growth strategy

C.C. Umwelt has its headquarters in Krefeld, Germany, with further locations in Hagen, Würzburg, Schwandorf, Bleicherode/Sollstedt, Hamm, and Menteroda. It operates as an independent company within the circular economy, specializing on three areas: the disposal, reprocessing, and recycling of waste incineration slag; the disposal of filter dust from waste incineration in safe underground storage sites (backfill mines); and the processing and disposal of mineral hazardous waste. In 2018, this profitable company with 150 employees generated sales of around 60 million euros.

Felix Homann, a partner at Novum Capital, explains: “With Kartesia and Deutsche Bank, we have managed to secure two renowned financing partners who will support the continued growth of C.C. Umwelt. Therefore, they are the right partners.” Dieter Kersting, Managing Director of C.C. Umwelt, adds: “We now have an excellent long-term financing package, which is perfectly aligned with our industry-specific needs and strengthens our market position.”

Leading competitive position and committed management team

DC Advisory (Frankfurt am Main) advised the company on the refinancing process. Daniel Gebler, Managing Director at DC Advisory, explains: “Right from the start of the process, Kartesia offered us a very attractive financing package, taking into full consideration the specifics of C.C. Umwelt.” Thomas Pöhler, Director at Kartesia, confirms: “C.C. Umwelt meets every criteria we want to see in an investment: most notably, an excellent management team, a leading position in a stable market, and competitive advantages that are sustainable and offer long-term benefits to the customer.“

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