Novum Capital invests in VulkaTec Riebensahm GmbH

Novum Capital successfully completed an equity investment in the VulkaTec Riebensahm GmbH.

The company develops and produces highest quality volcanic plantation substrates for green roofing and urban landscaping projects. Due to the company’s continuous buildup of strategically well positioned manufacturing and storage sites, as well as the high degree of employee expertise inside the company, VulkaTec became the market leader in its segment.

So called “structurally stable” volcanic tree substrates are an indispensable component of every tree plantation in the urban environment. Additionally, as a consequence of their low volume weight, volcanic substrates are an ideal component in green roofing projects.

VulkaTec looks back on 30 years of experience in the processing of volcanic raw materials and has developed over 150 different substrate recipes in this time. The company, which is located in Kretz, in southwest Germany, particularly sees its growth potentials outside the country: “The high German standards for green roofing and urban greening find their way to other European countries and even all the way to China. Backed by the support of institutional investors, we are now financially well equipped to continue our international growth path.”, as VulkaTec’s managing director, Dirk Riebensahm, stated.