Novum Capital announces sale of ES-Plastic to Riverrock European Opportunities Fund

Novum Capital sells ES-Plastic to RiverRock European Opportunities Fund. ES-Plastic is a market leader within rigid plastic packaging for fresh meat and convenience food in German-speaking Europe, Benelux, France and Eastern Europe.

ES-Plastic was founded in 1966 as a manufacturer of packaging for the dairy and pastry industry. Since 2001, ES-Plastic has shifted its focus towards polypropylene modified atmosphere packaging trays and has since grown into a market leader offering superior quality and innovative products. ES-Plastic has excellent long-standing client relationships with high-quality customers. ES-Plastic employs about 220 people in its Lower Bavarian locations in Hutthurm and Passau.

Novum Capital acquired ES-Plastic in 2012. Since then ES-Plastic has restructured its balance sheet and optimised its operating cost structure. RiverRock will now build on this strong platform with additional investments to pursue further growth through additional market penetration and international expansion.


About ES-Plastic

ES-Plastic is one of Europe’s leading producers of rigid trays for fresh meat and convenience food. The company has about 220 employees. ES-Plastic specialises in plastic packaging for the food industry and has a dominant position within polypropylene MAP trays for fresh meat in German-speaking Europe and a strong position in Benelux, France and Eastern Europe.

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About Novum Capital

Novum Capital is an independent investment and advisory firm with a wide range of experience and expertise within the areas of financial restructuring and financing, including debt, mezzanine and private equity. Novum Capital supports companies as a principal investor by providing financing for expansions, restructurings and recapitalisations and advises third party investors in restructuring situations and in recovering distressed investments.

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About RiverRock

The RiverRock European Opportunities Fund was founded in 2011 to provide capital to European small and medium sized companies. The fund has invested across Europe in a variety of sectors including telecommunications, manufacturing, technology and renewables.

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