Growth capital

Growth financings permit the acceleration of growth, either through increased investment and capital expenditures or through corporate acquisitions.

Changes to the shareholder base

A recapitalisation of the company allows the repurchase of company shares from shareholders who wish to exit their investment. The exit of individual shareholders can thus be financed without the dilution of the remaining shareholders as a result of the entry of a new shareholder and the injection of equity capital.

Management Buy-outs/Buy-ins

We support managers in acquiring ownership of the companies they manage. Where management already owns a significant share of the equity (and/or the vendor is willing to consider vendor financing), the injection of additional equity capital is not necessary. In these instances Novum Capital can provide non-dilutive capital to management in order to gain control of 100% of the equity.


A leveraged recapitalization has the goal of optimizing the capital structure of a company. The transaction provides shareholders with a partial exit or cash out in the form of a special dividend while they continue to hold on to their investment and do not surrender control.


A refinancing allows a restructuring of the companies' financial debt, typically with the goal of obtaining a more cost efficient overall financing structure that is better tailored to the needs of the company. In many cases the company may seek to reduce current interest payments, or to reset amortization payments in order to generate liquidity, e.g. for capital investments.